Credit Card Authorization

When we book you with a consolidator/broker and you pay by credit card, the consolidator needs you authorization to charge the appropriate credit card.  In addition, they need a photocopy of something with your signature, i.e. a driverís license or passport.

I,___________________________________________, authorize Baker Travel and

(consolidator/tour operator)_____________________________________________  

to charge my credit card for the following services for myself and (other companions or

passengers with a different name)_______________________________________

Card Type:     Visa     Mastercard     Discover     Diners Club     American Express

Card Number___________________________________________________________

 Expiration Date_________________________________________________________

 Name as it appears on the card_____________________________________________

 Billing address for the card________________________________________________



I am sending a copy of my driverís license or passport with signature.


Agent signature_______________________________________________

IATA number_________________________________________________


Please return by fax to (607) 277-3313